Finally, the bees have returned to our fields, giving the flowers a raison d’être, the aromas meaning. Twenty-six queens – their hives blissfully buzzing, they bring a happy air to the fields, like something out of a child’s story book. They are tucked away in a high corner – get a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye, and you can’t help smiling. Busy from dawn ‘til dusk making honey, they make it look effortless – beauty is never a toil.



Locus and Clover

  • Look: light-coloured and warm
  • Flavour: wonderfully sweet and delicate, striking for its fruity-floral notes with hints of vanilla and cinnamon
  • Pairs with: soft cheeses


  • Look: amber-coloured
  • Flavour: assertive, balsamic
  • Pairs with: aged cheeses and grilled vegetables

Ivy and Wild Herbs

  • Look: white in colour
  • Flavour: a first note of sweetness evolves into a sustained, pleasant fresh flavour with herbal notes and cyclamen aromas
  • Pairs with: your morning breakfast on toasted Tuscan bread with salted butter